20 February 2014

A Quick Absinthic Update...

Since the recent additions (nicer seats and romantic lanterns) did so well, I added also a tray of exclusive (and very yummy) Drow Absinthe for the enjoyment of the passengers.
The tray includes everything you need for the classical french absinthe ritual, as it was performed in the 19th century: A keg of cool water, sugar cubes and perforated-absinthe spoons.

Passengers of the Daedalus will certainly enjoy this lovely sight!

The tray - which of course gives a glass of Absinthe on click - is already available on the Marketplace and will of course be included with the Daedalus.

If you like to drink it at home and your living room is too small for an airship, the Absinthe is also available as stand-alone ;-)

More news about the Daedalus are coming soon - I have one or two things still up my sleeve!

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