12 February 2014

Almost Done!

The Steampunk Airship - informally called the Daedalus (yes, I haven't made up my mind about its name yet!) - saw a considerable refinement after my last post.
As announced in my previous post I replaced the old wooden benches (yes, I got some complaints about splinters stuck in delicate places) with a classy, venetian-inspired sofa suite.
After I was happy with the sofas I also added the lanterns - as promised :-)
And it looks sooo much better now - I'm really delighted!

View from the front - yes I turned a romantic skysetting on ;-)

The Steampunk Airship as seen from the skipper's place.

View towards the rear.

Nice backside, isn't it?

And this is how it looks in daylight :-)

Now I just need to add scripts for the seats and lanterns, do a few testflights and it can be relased - Yay! I'm happy :-)


The Steam Hunt is starting soon - I might have a special treat for you there...


  1. Looking great!

    Can't wait for the version with the RLV cage. I mean, there will be a version with an RLV cage, right? Right?!? ;)

  2. Yes, thats actually planned. A slave transporter version to be precise ;-)