30 December 2015

Farewell Lemmy!

Sad news about Lemmy's death. News like that always come too early and he was for certain somebody you would think would live forever. If you ask me, he certainly should have.

Anyway, lets celebrate his legacy and his life! He certainly won't have liked seeing everyone mourning and being upset!

I made a Motörhead bandshirt a while ago (with the cool full-perm mesh T-Shirt by Kat Fetisov) and I find this is a good moment to share it. The T-Shirt is only available for ladies (sorry guys!) and comes in standard-sizing XXS-L, so one of them should fit you!

The T-Shirt is right now available as Drow Science group gift and I will put it on the Marketplace too very soon (as soon as LL fixes it) - of course as freebie. I hope you enjoy it and show off your good taste for music!

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