28 August 2014

Starting Monday - The Renaissance Hunt!

To hunt, or not to hunt - thats not really a question! Especially with this little gift I made:

I was told I look "so serious" on this picture.

I am always serious.

Actually, I was Shakespeare's ghostwriter. Really! He just objected the car-chases I wanted to add.

As you might have guessed by now the theme this year is "William Shakespeare". An opportunity to make more puns than you can shake a spear at - and to work yourself through 83 destinations!

 Here some facts in short:

Start: Sept 1
End: Sept 30
Starting location: The Renaissance Faire
Renaissance Hunt Blog: Click me!
Complete list of locations: Click me too!

See you there!

Edit: Whoops - I made a little mistake regarding the date. Sept 1 is not coming Sunday, its actually Monday! Too much excitement I guess ;-)

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