21 August 2014

New Products And Prometheus-Status Update


Since the Prometheus-mesh is now finished and we are working on the last few bits (real-life did slow scripting progress down, but no worries, we are working on it!) I have now some time trying to catch up with my to-do list - yes its long!

One of the things I wanted to finish quite a while ago is a improved version of my Steampunk Monoplane:

Steampunk Mesh Monoplane

And update my Da Vinci Airscrew Helicopter:

Da Vinci Airscrew Helicopter

One thing I am especially proud of is the Steampunk DJ Station - completely new designed from scratch:

Steampunk DJ Station

Dancing on the thin wire between madness and style - steampunk audio!

All new releases feature materials-effects using the advanced lighting model. It is really amazing how realistic they look now!
A Dieselpunk Variant of the DJ Station is also in the making. Despite being released as stand-alone products they will be also part of the new rezzing system of the Prometheus-Class.

As usual all these items are available on the Marketplace and soon inworld too!

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