29 December 2013

Some Year's Review

One of the big events in 2013: SL's 10th birthday. I doubt the LL-humans did expect SL lasting that long ;-)

2013 was quite an eventful year for SL and myself too. Things like server-side baking and the long needed improvements in sim-crossing with a vehicle (hello Blake Sea) really brought quite significant performance benefits of our favorite virtual world. The only complaint I have is: Dear LL, why didn't they happen already years ago???

It was also the year when meshes had their big breakthrough. You began to see them mushrooming everywhere: as building and landscaping structures, furniture, vehicles, clothes or even full avs - and they just make things look so much better :-) Oh, and I finally became a mesh creator too. But more of that later.


After a large rebuilding of Lady Walworth's Estate in Kraizek, my partner Emma proudly opened her new Sunshine Technologiy Store there - yay!


March saw us participating at the Festival of Steam which was held at several german-speaking sims, like Virtuelles Köln (Virtual Cologne), where we did present my steampunk Airplanes and the brandnew Prometheus-Class Aircraft carrier:

@ Virtual Cologne

@ The SL Planetarium

It was a nice event, And I met my old friend Randy there. The festival was followed shortly after by the Steampunk World's Expo in...


It was epic in every regard. Every day interesting and fun events: music, games, exhibitions, presentations and readings - for almost two weeks!! Hats off to its host Cyhtleen and chief scientist and tinkerer Zen Wickentower who did an awesome job!

Wooooow - Steampunk!

The Expo-grounds with the tower of the Morlock's Revenge-Pub in the center.

One of the many fun events was the squid-tastic game Kraken Polo!

The Prometheus had a prominent role at the Expo too...

I gave it a glass roof for obvious reasons!

...as take-off platform for our exciting airshow:

Oh, and a general remark about steampunk: there can't be too many gears:

Emma in full steampunk - gear!


The big thing in June was SL's 10th birthday, abbreviated as SL10B (you know, using abbreviations make you look like an expert!). A huge event, taking part on more than 20 sims with dozens of different installations. I spent days there taking photos.

A look down at the Cake-Stage - which was actually a tree - with a cake on top ;-)

The Cake Stage!

One of the most impressive installations: The Behemoth! It likes bunnys!

One of the rather contemplative exhibits.

Bobbekins! Another favorite of mine. And of course I went on exploring with that hopping ball for the rest of the day!

Emma had her fun too ;-)

Does this exhibit needs a caption? I don't think so ;-)


The Drow Science mainstore with Drow scientist!

...before I jumped straight into learning blender (its really been time!) and making my first mesh in...


Changing to meshes was perhaps the biggest step Drow Science had ever. The improvements in details and land-impact-efficiency are just spectacular!

My first mesh: the Steampunk Gramophone.


Using what I have learned while making the gramophone and other mesh items for my store I designed a set of RLV mittens for Sunshine Technology too. While I have to say I'm proud of my design, I am amazed by the scripting she did for it!


Was again quite busy. It saw me and Emma working intensely on the gift for the Femdom Hunt and on my first mesh airplane, the classical biplane "Kestrel".

Our friends Vila and Antony kindly showing off our Femdom Hunt gift. The Yoke's clearly on him!

The hunt also saw the continuation of a fun tradition and was a welcome change from doing the final tweaks on the plane. Its good to let projects rest for a bit and then having a fresh look at them again - and it turned out very satisfying:

The Kestrel, more detail, more fun, less prims ;-)

Lets call this picture "Wheeeeeeeee!"


In November I was learning the basics about Dr. Who (he is a Doctor and lives in some kind of phone box, you know!) and making a scarf for the series' anniversary and for another fun tradition which got somehow established this year.

Robin Kalamunda wearing the scarf proudly (and not much else).


Of course the most important part in December is Christmas! And air delivery is simply the fastest way sending your parcels:

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