20 August 2015

The Blogging World just got a tad more kinky - Meyonia has a Blog now too!

The lovely Becky Orellana will keep you in touch with the latest gossip rumours news about Meyonia - and there is a lot to write about.

Meyonia, Main Plaza, Drow with bare butt.

Meyonia is a lovely little tropical micro state/banana republic (except they don't export bananas) and a pretty vibrant place. It is also pretty laid back with a more than subtle erotic undertone - and there is always something going on!

Meyonia's reporter and blogger Becky!

Currently the upcoming presidential elections are a big topic there. And frankly, much more entertaining than the elections in the USA next year! The latest reports are that the maids are on strike - with possibly negative consequences for one of the candidates...

I bet you are curious about whats going on in Meyonia now. Have a look at their Blog and feel free to visit the place!

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