21 July 2014


The building phase on the refitted Prometheus is finished now - at least to 99%. I might change a few things and a few things want to be added, but compared to the sheer bulk of the ship its just small modifications.

So whats next? Textures! Over the last days I did some extensive testing of SL's advanced lighting model - usually creating my own material layers from the textures. You can see how nicely metallic the ship's hull reflects light now. Since the ship will have various texture-options it is of course important to make sure that every variant will meet the standards, without looking too polishes or too bumpy.

After texturing is finished, scripts will follow. The aim there is allowing the user to operate the ship's many functions by a logic and intuitive menu without a Doctor's degree or having studied the manual.

Yes, thats me dancing on its roof! A special thank you to my friends (too many to name them all really) who gave me lots of input during the whole process of building - your support is highly apprechiated!

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