16 August 2013

100% Radiation-Proof - The Post-Apocalyptic Gramophone!

I like wandering through the Fallout-inspired Wastelands lots (note to myself: make a photo series about them!). Even though I'm not really participating in the RP there, its just a pure joy to discover all the funny weirdness people put together there. As anarchic it looks, as friendly it is and I hope the Wastelanders will enjoy this little gadget I made in dedication of the genre of post-apocalyptic RP ;-)

The Wastelands Gramophone!

Apart from its unique run-down look with custom-made textures it offers the same features as its shiny steampunky relatives with radio-tuner, access levels and animations.

You can get it at the usual dealers :-)

Drow Science @SL Marketplace

Drow Science @Lionheart Nala

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